Building FinP2P Applications

A FinP2P node can be used to build Digital Securities applications, which are agnostic to the DLT used underneath the FinP2P node.

The transactional APIs are to be used by organisations and 3rd party application providers to build digital securities applications on top of the FinP2P network. They expose the functionality of the network in a simple way, and provide many common digital securities features out of the box, without the need to develop complex blockchain code. You can create Owner and Asset resources, upload documents, share those resources with other organisations, and perform Asset Token operations such as issue, transfer and redeem.

The Query API is an easy to use GraphQL Query API on top of the network logical data model that provides access to data across the FinP2P network, either on the local DLT or in foreign DLT networks that shared resources with a Node.

Both the The transactional API and Query API abstracts the interconnectivity between the local Digital Securities solution and other FinP2P Nodes Digital Securities solutions.
The transactional API will be used to write data to the local Digital Securities solution and share with other FinP2P Network nodes, the Query API is used to read data from the the Digital Securities solution and other FinP2P network nodes.

Please follow the API references for more information.