Connecting platforms to FinP2P

Digital Securities Platforms can use the Ownera FinP2P node to connect to the FinP2P network, with three main use cases:

  • PUSH: Publishing assets to other FinP2P Nodes so that their users can invest (Push asset flow).
  • Pull: Bring assets published by other FinP2P Nodes, to enable own users to invest in those "remote" assets. (Pulling asset flow).
  • Serve as a settlement proxy server (TBD)

Push Asset Flow

When you want to push an assets that exist on your platform to be traded on the FinP2P network, follow the following steps

Then, in order for other FinP2P platforms to execute transactions on that asset:

  • A DLT Adapter that implements the DLT Adapter spec will need to be implemented on the push-publishing platform. This adapter will allow other organizations to allow their clients to invest in the published asset.

Pull Asset Flow

When you want to pull an asset published by another FinP2P organization into your, platform, present it to your users and allow your users to invest, follow the following steps:

  • The Ownera FinP2P node accepts resources from other nodes, verifies them and saves them in a local private storage.
  • Use the Query API to query information about assets shared from other nodes and present them to your users for a potential investment.
  • The Issue Asset token API will be used to initiate an investment in such a remote (pulled) asset. This request will be forwarded to the FinP2P primary node of the Asset.