This document describes the system provided by the Ownera implementation of the FinP2P specifications defined here:

Highlight - digitizing private capital markets

Ownership of private assets is a central part of our modern civilization. However, unlike public securities, the management and trade of private securities have remained largely manual and local, and have not gone through the processes of digitization, systematization and automation that we have seen in the public markets.

The purpose of FinP2P is to digitize, systematize and automate private capital markets, by enabling regulated financial institutions to connect to a global network of digital private securities. To this network, each institution can bring from one side verified assets (to register, manage and offer their securities), and bring from the other side verified users (to invest and manage their securities ownership online).


The core functionality of FinP2P is to serve as a routing network and an abstraction layer that connects multiple underlying ledger technologies, and allow both access to them with a unified API, as well as seamless connectivity between them. An intermediary, thin and stateless network layer, interconnecting between any app and any approved distributed ledger technology, to which all financial institution can easily connect. Each financial institution connecting to the network will be described as a Node.

FinP2P defines a network protocol and a set of specification APIs that aim to provide a communication abstraction layer between applications, data privacy and distributed ledger implementations.


The anatomy of a FinP2P node is described on


To deliver the FinP2P network, Ownera has developed a FinP2P Node that implements the FinP2P specifications, it exposes a set of APIs for applications and integrations. The APIs are described and provided in this document.