introduction to the Escrow node Crud API

Escrow capabilities are required to perform safe transactions across different ledgers which may or not have connectivity between them. The main capability of the Escrow Adapter is to expose the Hold and Release operations which allows the API consumer to safely Hold an amount of asset of a specific user (after proofing consent from the user in term of cryptographic signature) for a period of time.

The consumer of the API will use the Hold and Release operations as a pre step for holding one side of the asset transaction before executing the other side, usually on its own disparate ledger, the Escrow adapter will be responsible to indicate if the operation is valid and can be executed as requested.

The Escrow Adapter Specification abstract and defines the contract between the Ownera FinP2P and the underlying ledger which will facilitate the escrow and payments capabilities of various asset types.

The API expose facilities for asynchronous operations for implementation which require longer period of time to execute, usually on public network blockchains.